STG, Peruvian Opal, Freshwater pearl, Carnelian beads.  Sold at local market. Yay!
 STG, Jasper.
 STG, Stitchtite.
 Stg, Amber.  This is not my design, it came from a book called Two books in one. It took a hell of a long time to make and a lot of saw blades!
 STG Tiger eye
 STG Carnelian
 STG Rhodocrosite (or something like that, Lol)
 STG Agate
 STG Lapis Lazuli
 STG Garnet

I finished this pendant on the 8/2/09  I've had some really good feedback about it. She's an acrobat who's got a fair bit of movement in her so that she looks like she's trying really hard to keep her balance.  She's round my neck ;)